AtRoom - An Indoor Navigation Solution

AtRoom allows easily accessible and comprehensive navigation in indoor spaces. It is designed to optimise the path to the desired destination, and takes into account many accessibility issues a user may face in an unknown physical environment. To use AtRoom on your premises, simply set up a map with images of floorplans of your buildings, and an Artificial Intelligence (AI) will process the images. The process is quick and uncomplicated.

How Does This Work?

How can your organisation add a new map?

Create a new map in your dashboard.

What can AtRoom do for you?

Save your employees' time

Without having to worry about directing guests and visitors toward their desired destination, your employees have more time to focus on their own important tasks.

Reduce clients' and visitors' frustration

By taking away all the stress and worries that come with navigating an unknown environment, AtRoom greatly reduces anxieties and frustrations.

Improve your premises' accessibility

AtRoom caters to the specific needs of people with different disabilities, allowing them to find the path that is suitable for them to get to their destination. For instance, AtRoom can help find paths accessible for wheelchair users, and it can be used to have the step-by-step instructions spoken aloud, aiding visually impaired users.

Why choose AtRoom?

No installation of hard- or software required

In contrast to other indoor navigation solutions, AtRoom does not require you to install any hardware (such as beacons) on your premises. Additionally, the AtRoom software is accessible as a web-app, meaning that your users do not have to install any application to their device to be able to benefit from the indoor navigation.

Ease of setup and use

Given that our artificial intelligence does most of the work of setting up AtRoom for your premises, the only thing you need to do is upload your floorplans and tell us any special requests you might have.

Affordable monthly support plans

As an agile start-up, AtRoom is able to offer exceptionally low prices for the indoor navigation services. For more information, please visit the pricing section below.

Sample Use Cases

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Schools and Universities
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Museums and Exhibitions
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Conference Spaces
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An icon representing Hospitals
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Corporate Offices
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Shopping Centres