Initial Product Release Plan

Since at this point of the planning and development process, there are significant differences between our critical use case model and our proof of concept, several things will need to be done in order to successfully complete and deploy our finished product.

Since our project team comprises people with greatly varied skill sets, we will be able to cover many of these different areas of concern simultaneously. For this to work well, inter-dependent features and functionalities need to be considered and coordinated carefully.

The following diagram shows inter-dependencies between functionalities through the use of colours and arrows, and outlines the initially planned order of future development.

Phase 1

Since a prototype version of our product is already deployed, the next step would be to improve the usability of the pathfinding for users by enabling step-by-step instructions to be displayed in addition to a visualisation of the generated path.

Additionally, we will set up an accounts system that allows different pages to be shown for users and businesses.

Phase 2

The first development phase should result in a system suitable to be used for user experience surveys, which in turn will produce inputs for the design of an enhanced UI that focuses on ease of use and general usability.

To further enhance the functionality of our product, we plan to extend the pathfinding functionality to encompass both in- and outdoor navigation. Our first business-ready model will enable organisations to choose from a range of available payment plans for integrating their buildings into our application and allowing their associated users to use the system.

Phase 3

The final development phase we identified contains several extra features that we believe will be possible to implement within the time horizon, and that will additionally enhance user experience. The main functional point in this phase is an automated graph generating system, which uses machine vision to automatically create navigation graphs from uploaded floor plan images. More about this big step can be found in the Risks section.

Furthermore, Phase 3 brings with it the necessity to do suitable marketing, which includes shooting a high-quality promotional video.